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Pineapple and Mixed Berry Dessert Spring Rolls


These dessert spring rolls are filled with fruit, cream cheese, and sweet bean paste, offering a delightful treat reminiscent of daifuku. With their chewy texture and vibrant fruit peeking through the translucent wrapper, they’re not only irresistibly delicious but also perfect for sharing on social media.(Ingredients for two people)

Tropical Maria Pineapple Chunks 50 g
Tropical Maria Mixed Berries 50 g
Cream cheese 100 g
Sweet red bean paste 100 g
Spring roll wrappers 4


  • Thaw the frozen pineapple and mixed berries at room temperature. Soak the rice paper wrappers in water to soften.
  • Place the fruit from Step 1 on the rice paper, then cream cheese and sweet bean paste. Roll from front to back.

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