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initiatives for deliciousness,
safety, and security

ASC Corporation is a company that delivers delicious, safe, and secure food from all over the world.

For over 30 years, ASC Corporation has built relationships of trust with excellent farms and food processing companies worldwide, mainly in Latin America.

We aim to become a company that creates high-value-added products from a new perspective unique to ASC, which handles everything from ingredient procurement to processing and product development.

Japan has a rich food culture, and its awareness of food safety is extremely high even by international standards. We pursue the highest level of safety and deliciousness with the intention of delivering our products to our own families.

Bringing Japanese quality standards
to farms around the world

Delivered from farms around the world, mainly in Central and South America

ASC has been connected to Central and South America for over 30 years.
Our partner companies and farms are expanding further into the world.


ASC is deeply involved with Latin America and has partner companies in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Guatemala.
Due to its vast size, the continent of Latin America has a variety of climates and topography, and a wide variety of agricultural products can be harvested. We take advantage of the characteristics of its topography and climate for harvests, and we also focus our efforts on environmental protection by reducing pesticides and using rainwater. ASC has purchasing teams both locally and in Japan and has continued to guide reliable farms and processing factories on Japanese standards.
In recent years, we have been utilizing our expertise to import delicious, safe, and worry-free ingredients from around the world. We are also striving towards further global expansion.

ASC is present throughout the entire process from production to processing

Before delivering products, ASC always visits its production areas and factories.
To deliver products that meet Japanese standards, we provide guidance for all aspects, from cultivation to commercialization.


Our employees and local staff check the field conditions, environment, management methods, and so on in order to meet Japan’s high quality standards.
ASC employees visit farms in person several times a year.


ASC’s quality standards are also consistently maintained at agricultural processing factories. Here, not only the taste but also hygiene and logistics management are managed according to Japan’s high quality standards.


For products to be packaged locally, our employees and local staff are also present during the packing process.
*Packing within Japan is also possible.

We take great care of the environment of the production areas to continue to provide safe and delicious agricultural products.


As there is more focus on environmental issues these days, ASC is also working on this problem.

We are working on initiatives that allow us to harvest while avoiding environmental damage as much as possible, such as managing water quality, soil, and pesticides.

We also pay attention to sustainable farming methods and have commercialized agricultural products that incorporate such farming methods.