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German Trifle Cake


This trifle cake, which can be made simply by layering ingredients in a container, is made in the style of German kirschtorte, using dark sweet cherries and cocoa sponge. The use of kirsch (or brandy as a substitute) makes for an adult dessert. (ingredients for 2 servings)

Tropical Maria dark sweet cherries 150g
Cocoa sponge As needed
Fresh cream 100cc
A Sugar 1/2 tbsp
A Brandy or kirsch (if available) 1/2 tsp
Chocolate As needed


  • Allow the frozen dark sweet cherries to thaw naturally. Cut the cocoa sponge into 2 cm cubes. Whip the fresh cream together with A. Finely grate the chocolate with a cheese grater or similar utensil.
  • In a glass container, place the cocoa sponge, whipped cream, and dark sweet cherries (in that order), and sprinkle with chocolate to finish.

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